Why Managers Need To Communicate Like CEOs

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Cut through clutter like a knife through butter – Why managers need to communicate like company spokespeople

Employees are working from home. Now they’re juggling their jobs, homeschooling their kids, and trying to manage the day to day tasks of keeping the home running. There’s a lot of potential for distraction, multitasking, and brain overload. That combined with the stress and anxiety of what if I get sick, what if a loved one gets sick, and what’s going to happen next means managers need to deliver key messages in a way that cuts through the clutter.

I have coached CEOs, subject matter experts, and spokespeople to deliver key messages to the media. The same tips, tricks, and tools are particularly helpful today for managers who need to engage their employees on conference calls.

First, start with key messages. What do your employees need to know, why should they care, and why is it relevant today? Using that framework, write three key messages you want them to take away. Be sure to reiterate those key messages throughout the call so they are more likely to stick.

Second, be concise. Use the least amount of words to deliver the most amount of impact. Think soundbites – no new taxes, think rhymes – set it and forget it, think song lyrics – here comes the sun. If you can boil down key messages into something memorable, that’s helpful because our brains can only store so much information.

Third, speak in headlines. Instead of getting to the moral of the story at the end, deliver it up top. The news always starts with a headline and then shares the most important information in descending order. Front loading key messages encourages employees are more likely to hear it. The more you ramble, the more likely employees will zone out or check out and those messages will be lost.

Cut through clutter like a knife through butter.

Three tips for managers to communicate like company spokespeople.

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