Storytelling And My Favorite Storyteller

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When I was younger, my mother and I would wait in the front room for my father to return home from work.

We would watch intently as the car lights from my father’s Chevy Corsica slowly rolled down Knox Avenue.

My father sold fine jewelry for places like Carson Pirie Scott and Hecht’s and later beds for Bed Mart and Mattress Giant.

My father would walk through the front door, take off his Indiana Jones replica fedora, kiss my mom and give me a hug. As he walked through the dining room to my parent’s bedroom, he’d start telling the stories of the day. He would continue those stories as he changed from his suit into his sweat pants.

Here are a few of my favorite stories from my father and my takeaways.

A woman was interested in a tennis bracelet. It was expensive. Her husband was in sticker shock. My father asked how long they were married. After they responded, he pulled out a calculator and divided the price by the number of years the couple was married. He showed them the calculator and said, “Are you saying your wife isn’t worth X dollars a year?” It was a different time. And they bought the bracelet.

Visuals combined with strong emotional hooks are extremely powerful.

A man came in and started haggling with my father on the price of an already discounted mattress. My father responded, “I’m not dropping my price. Go somewhere else.”

Always know what you’re worth and don’t compromise it.

A woman was looking for a new headboard. My father asked what she was looking for. She responded, “Something strong. I broke the other two.”

Always buy heavy duty, made with quality materials, built to last.

What are your favorite stories from your father and what did you learn? Drop me a note in the comments below.

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