Presentation Skills Tips: It’s Never Just Information

Rob LynchUncategorized

I was talking with a client recently and she mentioned her HR presentations are updates. 

Quick status reports. 

Just information.

She felt the information was relevant, but boring. And her audience didn’t really care. 

How many of you feel this way?

How many of you start your presentations with, “This is boring, but…”

How many of you deliver your updates with a flat delivery? Here’s my status for the month.

Here’s the thing:

If you say the information is boring. Your audience is going to think it’s boring.

If you don’t tell the audience why they should care, they’re not going to care.

And if you don’t deliver your message with a level of enthusiasm, they’re not going to feel enthusiastic.

Now, I’m not suggesting you try to portray information as more important than it is. Audience will see through that. I am suggesting if your information is relevant and you portray it as boring, your audience will assume it’s boring and won’t pay attention.

Her team filled five critical positions despite a very tight deadline. Her team helped save the company more than $130,000 dollars with their medical program and almost $50,000 dollars in medical renewals. Her team introduced a leadership development program and five employees recently graduated.

All of these are major accomplishments that improved the company’s bottom line and helped prepare the company to meet future challenges.

Sometimes we undervalue our superpowers and diminish our achievements and we say our updates are just information, as a result.

If we explain why our information is important, if we share why our audiences should care, and if we deliver our presentation with just a little more energy, audiences are more likely to pay attention. 

How we present our information can be the difference between just an update and advancing the company’s strategic vision.

Be brilliant!