Media Training

Confidently deliver key company and product messages so they stick

Why Media Interview Training?

Learn to craft and deliver key messages and anticipate difficult questions. Drive the interview, answer the reporter's questions, and speak to audience needs.


  • Establish credibility.
  • Build rapport and trust.
  • Create emotional engagement and stickiness with you, your company, and your products.


  • Address the two most important questions - Why today? Why should I care?
  • Illuminate how your company, product or service will add value to the media, analyst or influencer's audience.
  • Address specific audience pain points by showcasing company solutions and benefits.


  • Deliver a solid interview and become the go to source for media inquiries.
  • Build brand awareness and subject matter expertise.
  • Connect more effectively with potential consumers.

What Participants Will Learn

What to Say

  • Craft key messages, including soundbites.
  • Anticipate and manage difficult questions.
  • Prioritize, structure, and deliver key messages using a simple structure the news media uses.

How to Say It

  • Deliver with purpose and passion.
  • Use your whole body, voice, and gestures to communicate authentically.
  • The power of pitch, pace, and pause.




  • In person
  • On site‚Ä®
  • Trainer lead
  • 1 Day (or more based on need)
  • Up to 2 participants

Sample Agenda

Morning - What to Say

  • Craft key messages and soundbites
  • Media storytelling structure vs. traditional story structure.

Afternoon - How to Say It

  • Presence (body language, voice, gestures)
  • Practical Media Interview Simulation

Want media training tips?

If you just answer the reporter’s questions, you’ll miss opportunities to communicate key messages. Ramble on and you’ll lose the reporter and audience. Wing it and risk getting misquoted. Or worse, let your nerves get the best of you. Prepare for a media interview like you would any job interview or sales call and increase your chances of the media covering your company.

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