Inspire Confidence & Trust Like Trader Joe’s

Rob LynchUncategorized

With the lockdown, Trader Joe’s has become my store of choice. Why? Because they have the best tomatoes. And because they inspire the most confidence and trust. 

How do they do this? Through word and deed – their communication and actions.

While you stand six feet apart outside the store, a crew member sets expectations. Here’s how long the wait is. Here’s how we’re encouraging a safe flow throughout the store. Here’s how we’re encouraging a safe checkout experience.

They explain what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and why they’re doing it.

They actively disinfect shopping carts while you wait in line.

They limit the number of people in the store.

They have arrows on the ground encouraging a specific traffic flow.

They have a square six feet from the cashier to stand in when checking out.

Everything they say and do is designed to reassure their patrons and inspire confidence and trust in the shopping experience and ultimately their brand.

As you run your meetings and deliver presentations, ask yourself – am I inspiring confidence and trust? Do my words and deeds align?

Be like Trader Joe’s.

Be Brilliant!