I empower my clients to deliver "Oscar-Worthy" pitches & presentations with unshakeable confidence!

Imagine walking into the room for that pitch/presentation…

You feel confident, composed, & prepared. 

Imagine seeing the audience hanging on your every word & nodding in agreement...

You feel like you have them in the palm of your hands. 

Imagine finishing your pitch/presentation and they’re scrambling to approach you… just to shake your hand & ask questions.

You feel like a celebrity!

If you have a pitch/presentation on the calendar and…
😱 Your heart is racing, your hands are sweaty, & you want to throw up
😱 You feel like you’re standing under a heat lamp as fear washes over your body

😱 You’re strongly considering calling in sick
😱 You clutch the podium like a life preserver
😱 Stakeholders are yawning, nodding like zombies, or constantly checking their phones

I can help!

Through my practical, experiential, & immediately applicable “Brilliant Workshops”, I will help you authentically connect, communicate intentionally, & inspire confidence & trust among your stakeholders.

I’ll do this by combining 23 years of public relations experience crafting clear, concise, & compelling stories and preparing CEOs for media interviews (what to say) with 17 years of acting experience to help you deliver messages in a calm, comfortable, & confident way (how to say it). 

After working with me, you will feel
💡Powerful - aligning your voice, body language, & gestures to exhibit leadership presence

💡Courageous - sharing your purpose and passion to invite stakeholders to join your movement

💡Fearless - harnessing nervous energy as fuel to excite and engage

Most of all, you will feel ⚡️EMPOWERED⚡️to deliver your pitch/presentation with clarity & confidence!
I have provided effective communication skills training to new sales members, up & coming leaders, & senior executives for such companies as Accenture, KPMG, Walgreens, Volkswagen, & CCC Information Systems, among others.


Robert A. Lynch

"Rob is an energetic and engaging instructor - I highly recommend working with him. Drastically improved my speech skills in a short session."

"I didn’t realize how much public speaking is a skill like acting. After this workshop, I now have a bunch more tools in my toolkit to use to impact my audience."

"Rob was an exceptional teacher who did a great job at reading the room and providing us with all necessary skills in a short time period!"

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