Business Storytelling

Business storytelling techniques to engage, captivate, and inspire

The Power of Storytelling

Effective stories stick: communicate company values and purpose, clarify and improve understanding, resolve conflicts, overcome objections, make the complex simple, and share experiences.


  • Establish credibility.
  • Build rapport and trust.
  • Create emotional engagement and stickiness with you, your company, and your products.


  • Illuminate how your company, product or service will add value to your stakeholder's lives.

  • Humanize data, facts, or company benefits by showcasing real people in the real world.
  • Identify customer's specific pain point, specific solution, and specific benefits.


  • Increase employee engagement by sharing how employees fit into the larger company picture.
  • Strengthen culture by sharing purpose and meaning of the company’s brand, vision, struggles, successes, etc.

  • Increase potential for change management success by sharing vision for future and how company has overcome previous challenges.

What Participants Will Learn

What to Say

  • A 7-step framework for crafting winning business stories.
  • Craft compelling stories using a simple structure screenwriters use.
  • Identify themes, craft soundbites, and create stickiness for maximum impact.

How to Say It

  • Deliver with purpose and passion.
  • Align your whole body, voice, and gestures to ensure authenticity.
  • The power of pitch, pace, and pause.




  • In person
  • On site

  • Trainer lead
  • 1 Day (or more based on need)
  • Up to 8 participants

Sample Agenda

Morning - What to Say

  • Craft compelling business stories
  • Learn to deliver

Afternoon - How to Say It

  • Presence (body language, voice, gestures)
  • Practical Simulation

Want to learn how to tell a story?

Storytelling can inspire and motivate audiences to take action. Enhance your executive presence by delivering clear, concise, and compelling stories.

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