Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training in Los Angeles

I help leaders develop executive presence to communicate like CEOs

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SCRIPT: Craft clear, concise & compelling messages

PERFORMANCE: Deliver in a calm, comfortable & confident way

PRESENCE: Inspire confidence & trust

HR Professionals

Enhance culture by clearly communicating a vision and purpose, aligning stakeholders, and managing change.

Sales Teams

Connect with your buyer, build rapport, and make a compelling case for your solution.


Pitch investors with confidence by clearly, concisely and compellingly communicating the company's value proposition and growth potential.


Sharpen the leadership communication skills they crave and need for success: communicating vision, connecting individuals, and engaging employees to build and maintain high-performing teams.

Subject Matter Experts

Build trust internally and externally and serve as a strategic advisor by communicating very specialized, highly complex knowledge in simple, easily understandable language.


Improve employee engagement by securing buy-in on company strategies, ensuring day-to-day operations run smoothly, and communicating progress up and down the organization.

My “Be Brilliant" Workshops focus on the 3 Ps -

Purpose, Preparation, Performance

to get to the 6 Cs -

Clear, Concise, Compelling messages delivered in a Calm, Comfortable, Confident way.

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10 Minute Electric Presence

Let's talk about public speaking.

Your hands may be sweating, your stomach tightening, and your mouth going dry just thinking about it.

What if you could overcome your fear of public speaking though?

With 10 Minute Electric Presence, there’s no need to feel anxious speaking in front of an audience again.

Through this online communication and presentation skills training course, you’ll learn how to communicate with more confidence in just 10 minutes a day!

Even if you don’t have the “public speaking gene.”

How I Can Help

Lights Up Action Co.’s highly customized workshops empower business professionals with immediately applicable communication skills to help them light up the room and create more electric conversations.

My workshops are:

• Practical
• Applicable
• Experiential
• Engaging
• Fun!

Inspire confidence, build trust, and communicate with impact to engage, encourage, and move audiences to action.

Present with confidence and clarity to persuade venture capitalists you have a great product, great customers, a great team, great execution, and great growth potential.

Deliver key messages with clarity and confidence, create soundbites for stickiness, and manage difficult questions.

Captivate and inspire stakeholders by tapping into emotions that compel action. Communicate company values and purpose, clarify and improve understanding, resolve conflicts, overcome objections, and make the complex simple.

Inspire and motivate audiences by confidently presenting information to secure buy-in.


Read My Training Industry Article: Why Managers Need to Communicate Like CEOs

To better help their employees navigate through this uncertain time, managers need to communicate like the best chief executive officers (CEOs) do: clearly, concisely and confidently. There are two pieces to this equation: what to say (message development) and how to say it (message delivery).

Read it here!
“After sitting down with Rob, I walked away with concise messages and talking points that describe exactly what my business does and how it will benefit my customers. I learned how those messages can be applied to any form of media or conversation. I also learned that how I deliver those messages might have to be tweaked based on the audience that I have. Most importantly, I walked away feeling more confident about promoting my business.”

Why Lights Up Action Company

I have provided effective communication skills training to new sales members, up & coming leaders, & senior executives for such companies as Accenture, KPMG, Walgreens, Volkswagen, & CCC Information Systems, among others.

I combine 23 years of public relations experience crafting clear, concise, and compelling messages and preparing CEOs and subject matter experts for media interviews (what to say) with 17 years of acting experience to ensure business professionals deliver those messages in a calm, comfortable, and confident way (how to say it).


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If you fear public speaking or want to deliver more effective presentations, I can help. I will help you authentically connect, communicate intentionally, and inspire confidence and trust among your stakeholders.

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